I lived five days of my life centered around the teenagers of our youth group as they participated at our in-house church camp. We called it ACTIVATE because we were beckoning each and every one of them to activate their faith. At the end of this week, I was so fully inspired that I finally had something to share…


Dear 2:Twenty teenagers –

I want to tell you that life can always be an adventure, and though your end game is important, so is the journey that gets you there. In truth, your days are not always going to be filled with laughter, but it’s in grace that you can learn to know joy despite your circumstances, so learn to dance in the rain. Lighten your heart and your mind. Be positive. Be blissful.
Activate joy.

I want to tell you that you each possess a beautiful and unique soul, bringing something that’s individual to you and vitally important for a diversified group that keeps life interesting. You are special. You are important. You are incredible. The world may try to sell you more, but that isn’t always better. Be simple. Be humble.
Activate contentment.

I want to tell you to fight for your hearts, filling them with the voice that will guide you in goodness and truth. Face your past and gain wisdom from it; learn to forgive and love others…learn to forgive and love yourself. Stand up strong and fight against the opposition, even when the opposition is your own reflection. Be strong. Be brave.
Activate courage.

I want to tell you to be aware of the influence you have in the lives of others and always leverage that for good. Be aware of your words, be aware of your smile, and use them both to acknowledge the presence of people in your lives, even if the moment of contact is fleeting. Recognize that everybody deserves a chance, and realize that some people may need more than one. Be empathetic. Be gracious.
Activate kindness.

I’m so unbelievably grateful to be a part of all of your lives and I’m looking forward to knowing the adults you will one day become. Never forget that you are loved, you are treasured and you are significant. Be the very best you that you can be and use it to be a bright light in the world.
Activate life.



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