Anywhere Door

It’s been months since I’ve sat down to write a word. I’ve been staring longingly at all the books on my shelves filled with words that others made time to record, wondering when I would find the time for myself to return to the world of blogging. Over this span of endlessly ticking clocks, I’ve had so many amazing nuggets of flawless sentences but because I didn’t stop the clock to remember them here, they floated off into oblivion, unread and unheard outside of my own mind. My inspiration came as a text message today, when my little sister asked me a very simple question: “What blog did you say you use?” What blog indeed!

So here I am, dipping my toes back in with a daily prompt!


Through The Keyhole by Helen Templeton

On this side of a closed door, I live in a large town that has three libraries and even more elementary schools. We have a beach, admittedly not a very good beach, but the lackluster of the surf and turf can be excused because of beautiful walking trails. We have unique houses that line some of the main roads, houses that date back to when the railways ran through, some with such charm that I want to ring the doorbell and ask for a tour.

On the other side of this door, though, I can go anywhere. That’s a very broad word when you really think about it. Anywhere. I could open that door and visit Heaven, hug my grandfather and tell him how much I’ve missed him. I could meet my baby brother. I could sit on a bench with Jesus and just listen to Him talk to me. If this is solely an earthly door, I could travel the world, all travel expenses paid with this one invention. I’d just open the door to Tennessee and have lunch with my parents. I’d take a quick dip in the warm waters of a Hawaiian waterfall. I’d allow myself to lose my breath at the Grand Canyon. I’d stare straight up into the height of the California redwoods. Open it and climb 669 stairs to gaze out over Paris, France or rock on gentle waves in the Canalasso.

IMG_9621In such a vast world of places to see and things to do, my list could continue indefinitely. So I occasionally dream of other places, but remember that I’m also content with the rainbows that often grace this side of the door.



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