The Last Traces of a Season



Alas…summer does eventually end, at least here in the Bay state. So today, I’m reflecting on these mementos, treasures from the sea that we brought home with us on countless occasions.

Technically we still have another nine days, days in which I could still dip my toes in the water or walk barefoot in the sand. But with school, sports, bible study and a book club in full swing, any visit to the beach now just won’t be the same carefree trip that it was over the last few months.

I’m really alright with the end of a season. It’s good to have a new change of pace, with schedules starting up and a whole new focus. It’s certainly nice to have some time to write again, to break out the big camera equipment without fears of sand and water, to sit at the keyboard with a cup of tea and just let my fingers fly.

Though summer is a beautiful time of year, so is autumn…and winter…and spring. So I’m embracing the change, reflecting on what an amazing season this was and looking forward to the next one that’s rolling in. So here’s my farewell to summer, to shaking the sand out of my flipflops and pulling on the fuzzy boots, to trading in the tank tops and shorts for big comfy sweaters and skinny jeans. Farewell seashells by the seashore, hello pumpkin-flavored everything…

Welcome Autumn, welcome.


3 responses to “The Last Traces of a Season

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  2. I’m always reluctant to give up summer but as you have stated, autumn (and winter and spring) are beautiful too. Thank you for sharing your lovely farewell to summer and welcome to autumn.

    • It’s one of the greatest gifts when living in New England. We have such stunning seasons here…amazingly enough, I used to hate living here, but as I’ve grown, it’s grown on me. Thanks for your comment!

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