A Neglected Respite

It has been four long days in which I haven’t posted a single word, not one photograph about the world around me. It has been busy here, I admit, but this place is my respite and I’ve neglected it. Regardless of the way life is bustling on around me, I need these little moments to restore goodness to my heart and mind.

I come here when I need that pause, to embrace a moment in my day as the time to simply reflect. When it’s busy, I often have to force myself to sit down, to ignore the to-do lists and just separate myself from the mundane. I need something more to focus on than completing endless chores, running crazy errands and dealing with the frustrations that come with parenthood. There are positive things that happen everyday, even within those things I just mentioned that wouldn’t normally be viewed as positive. When I don’t allow myself a break, I’m then allowing myself to become overwhelmed and in being overwhelmed, I tend to pass right over everything that’s positive about a situation. In focusing on all I wanted to get done, I forgot about what I needed to do.

Today’s great project is the attempt to get our house back in order. A few closet organizational projects turned the living spaces into chaos and we are now surrounded by what my aunt called ‘the storm before the calm’. I woke up and charged headfirst into the list of things to do, and as I started, I found a book I’d made for my children. I had cut pictures and clippings out of old travel magazines and pasted them between the pages of a photo album, hoping that someday they’d look back and be inspired to travel.

I’m a big person with inscriptions and if I can write something on the inside cover of a book, I will. I’d never written anything to them inside this one, though, so I stopped and took that moment. That lead to setting up an inspirational photograph, which then lead to this post…

My posts are my peace; I may leave my computer to head back into the pandemonium of the day but when I need to come back here, I can. I’ll reread my written words and remember it’s all going to be OK. Peace and beauty are not arduous journeys, it is only our minds that make them impossible to find. It just takes an open heart to explore what’s right in front of us.



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