Treasuring Memories

Daily Prompt: Memories for Sale

Photographers, share an image that says MEMORY.


Every moment I remember is meticulously woven into the delicate and intricate web of my past. Sometimes I’ll try to recall a specific memory and I will first view it as though I’m looking at it through the bottom of a glass. The colors are distorted. The lines are blurred. It is full of indiscernible faces and muffled voices. An out of focused image that needs better attention to detail, bringing into full light what may have once seemed insignificant.

In this memory, I would focus on the smell of the freshly spun cotton candy. I would feel the delicious pale pink sugar as it melted on my tongue, savoring the sweetness until I had to hand it to my father to hold as I climbed onto the nearest horse. I would run my hands along the smooth plastic of the beast, cool on that hot summer day. The laughter of the children and the tinkling of the music overhead, growing louder as the ride began to spin. I would feel the rush of the warm wind in my face. I always tried to quickly spot my family in the crowd of observers, before I would lose them again on the next turn. It is in those smallest details that I lift the glass.

In all honesty, I don’t pick out the minute details in every single moment of my life. I have looked back on some things and realized that much of the time that I’ve been given has rushed by. Even when I tried to hold back the sand in the hourglass, I found I couldn’t keep living there forever. Life is always moving forward, but I can focus on remembering the best moments, so that even in the future I can still see the past. I can hold on to those memories, protecting them like the treasures they are. I’m grateful when I can relive a beautiful day passed, in every significant detail so that it can always be as real as the day I lived it.


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