The View


Instead of taking in the sink full of dirty dishes and counters piled with groceries to be put away, I took a moment to take in this sunset. On beautiful days like today, I get to witness this glowing orb of warmth start to kiss the horizon, watching it dip slowly from the sky and between the trees until it fizzles into the concrete street. I may tire of the mess, but I’ll never tire of the view.


2 responses to “The View

  1. Ooohhh, I know what you mean…looking at something beautiful, something perfect when the day seems less than perfect brings peace to our souls… Kitchen meditations 101: look out your window and let the beauty of nature transform you… 🙂 read you soon, Alexandra

    • hahaha, kitchen meditations. I like that! Dishes just don’t seem so daunting anymore with a huge window overlooking a pretty garden, sunsets, birds and cute squirrels.

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