Dreamset Playset

Completion: 60%

Building a Dreamset

When we finally bought our first house, the one thing we knew we wanted was a play structure in the backyard for our two boys. We had browsed around a little online, but all those do-it-yourself kits seemed so mundane. Our oldest is almost 7 and I was convinced that he’d outgrow one of those so quickly that it wouldn’t even be worth the outrageous price tag.

Clubhouse Beginnings

Clubhouse Beginnings


So my husband and I set out to create our own set of plans, to build a custom set designed to withstand the rapid passage of time. If we built it tall, if we built it wide, if we built it elaborate, they would have more time with it. We knew we could get the materials, all we needed was the carpenter to help us get the plan in motion. I mentioned our idea to my brother, who volunteered to get us started.


For years to come, little feet will run along the bridges and tiny hands will trail along the railings. There are memories to be had in this towering fortress. Life isn’t really about possessions, but some things are just nice to have. Looking out in the backyard and seeing them play there is going to be something incredible. To think that one talented brother and one helpful husband brought life to such a dream, that they would put precious time and energy into a massive project such as this, it makes one aware of how very important two little people are to them.

A Rough Draft

Floors and Walls, Railings and Balusters


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