A Day at the Zoo, a Great Adventure

Daily Prompt: Success!

Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did


Yesterday was a rather successful day. The weather was undeniably perfect, with the right mix of clouds, sun, and cool breeze to keep you comfortable. Most of the days these last few weeks have brought us good weather, so it wasn’t just the forecast that made the day a success for us.

I also had a very mild day with my vocal chords, which was a success for two reasons. I am a relatively patient person, but when my patience has been truly wrung dry, I have a terrible tendency to yell. I am aware that it’s an extremely unbecoming behavior so it’s something that I’ve struggled with for awhile and have been working on changing. To the credit of my children, I exhibit more peaceful control when they are better behaved, so my success yesterday was partially due to their success. They’ve been struggling with sibling rivalry and disobedience lately, so the major win here was their exceptional behavior.

The greatest thing about yesterday was that it was also not just a normal day at home. All of our successes for the day were wrapped up in a spontaneous trip to a new place. At dinner, we pulled out a conversation starter that read ‘If you were writing an article about your day, what would the headline be?’

A day at the zoo, a great adventure


Capron Park Zoo is rather small, but my friend made a good point; the smallness makes it very manageable for mothers of little children. There was a playground by the entrance along with gardens and well-kept grounds, perfect for picnics. Inside there was a splash pad and the animal exhibits. There were only about 15 animals, but it was just enough to keep our young children entertained.

Our absolute favorite attraction were the sea otters. These little sweethearts were incredibly adorable and extremely entertaining. They were doing flips and swimming around like their primary job was to cater to our amusement. At one point, I took my big lensed camera around to the other side of the exhibit for a different angle. They stopped their charade for the other spectators to follow me, like they knew they were being photographed and they wanted me to keep taking their pictures.


Today I woke up with the knowledge that yesterday was a day that doesn’t happen all the time. Typically there are more tantrums, half-hearted listening skills, excessive whining and brotherly brawls, all followed by my own meltdown. I couldn’t possible plan another day like yesterday, even if I tried, which is what makes it so special and so successful. We didn’t plan it, we just went with it and all went according to a plan that was never even made. I’d like to take the lead from this fellow and encourage a little laziness today. No plans, no clever ideas, and nothing to do but go with the flow of the day. If that flow is just hanging out in the backyard, soaking up the last of the sun’s rays before the rain comes, then so be it. You can’t succeed all the time without a little rest some of the time. Today I plan to succeed at rebooting.



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