My First Love: A book

Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?


I have always loved to read. As a child, reading was where I embarked on some of my greatest adventures. I went on a journey to the center of the earth and traveled the world in 80 days. I was part of a sisterhood in Little Women and friends with the girl who ran through The Secret Garden. I lived in many different indian villages, was part of the underground railroad and swam with a giant manta ray. These were stories that I read one hundred times over as a child.

As I a teenage, I started reading R.L. Stine; first Goosebumps, then Fear Street. Eventually I got into Stephen King and Dean Koontz. After that, I began reading everything and anything fictional. I’ll admit it: I loved the Twilight saga, then I fell in love with The Hunger Games. I have enjoyed everything by Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks, and Jodi Picoult. As I got older, I couldn’t read fast enough and my list of books to be read continues to grow daily.

To choose a favorite out of all the pages I’ve happily devoured over time is an extremely hard question to answer. I have great love and admiration for new authors, but I also appreciate the classics. There are many books that I still have to read, but if I had to choose an absolute favorite, right here and right now, I would choose Stephen King’s Eyes of the Dragon.

The character in this book is faced with obstacles that endangered his entire life, but he faces them with great bravery. He stands in front of a seemingly impossible challenge and boldly takes it on with the utmost perseverance. I have many books that I’ve loved enough to read over again, but this one just stuck with me. It was one of the very first books I read that wasn’t an ‘Illustrated Classic’, and I remember feeling like a little adult, reading Stephen King. It’s been a favorite since I was 13 years old and every other year, I pick it up to revisit an old adventure. You just can’t forget that first love; After all, eighteen years is a long time to love something.

I’m always up for suggested readings, so if you have a title to share, feel free to do so! I’m especially keen on authors that aren’t really as well-known, but have written amazing books. 




6 responses to “My First Love: A book

    • Yes! I haven’t visited those stories in quite some time. As I wrote this I was thinking that I needed a reread soon!

    • I am a book junkie…Even with an ever growing list, I still want more to add to it. You just never know what genre you’re going to feel in the mood for next!

  1. I read the Secret Garden! Loved that. And also Charlotte’s Web … maybe that’s why I have such a fondness for piglets. But then, why don’t I have a fondness for spiders?? LOL

    • I loved the Secret Garden too! I want to make a spot like that in our backyard someday…secluded and all fenced off from the rest of the world. I also read Charlotte’s Web and I confess…I still hate spiders. =)

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