Ignoring the Call

Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller

You receive a call from an unexpected person. Who is it, and what is the conversation about? Go!

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I hesitate every time UNKNOWN flashes across the screen.
Who is this person that is calling me? Do I know them? If I don’t know them, do I want to hear what they have to say?

I answer the call.

The voice on the phone whispers: “You can try, but you will still fail.”

I hang up. I sit down. I think on that.



I will fail? What a ridiculous seed to plant. Like weeds that grow in a garden, you must rip them out from the roots. If you let them take hold and grow, if you nurture them, they will only choke the beautiful flowers that are already growing, destroying a perfectly manicured lawn.

You know what I do with a hideous plant like that? I burn it, killing it with a positive fire that consumes all negative energy. I have faith in myself and no one, not even little anonymous voices on the ends of crackling lines, can take that faith from me.

Could I put in my best effort and still fail? Absolutely, yet it’s a necessary risk to take, for you don’t know if you’ll succeed until you try. Even if I fail, I’ll still have success in the attempt to succeed. That may not be the victory I was aiming for, but it’s more of a victory than letting fear of failure prevent me from trying at all.

Always step forward with grace and dignity, ignoring the naysayers. You don’t know how far you can go if you never take the leap.


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