When we Die: The Answer

Daily Prompt: Do-over!

Go back to a blog post you always thought could be better, or were unsatisfied with — now, fix it.


One of my more emotional blog posts came about when my son expressed concern about what happens to us when we die. More specifically, he was really upset about not knowing what was going to happen to him. It was a really hard question to answer, not because the question itself was hard for me to answer, but because it was hard for me to think about. Even though I am a true believer in God, I did not want to think about my precious children dying. Ever. No matter how amazing Heaven is, the thought of having to live without them on Earth only makes me extremely sad. Though I know they’d go somewhere safe and good, I would miss either of them desperately. That’s just what death does to the living and that’s hard to talk about.

My husband had read the post and he made a comment about how it didn’t actually address what I’d told our son. I was defensive at first. I thought he was trying to tell me it was a bad post or that the writing was awful, or some variation of those two criticisms. After thinking it over and reading the post again, I realized that he might have been right. Though it was a good post and I am happy I wrote it, I believe it would have made sense to add my answer to Noah’s dilemma, to write about what I meant when I said “I had to show him faith and hope.”


I talked to him about Jesus and I told him that God always had a good plan for him, even if we didn’t always understand what He had in mind for us. I told him about angels that sang and a place even more beautiful than anywhere else in this world. I told him that he wouldn’t miss anyone, because you don’t feel sad in Heaven, but that eventually everyone would be together again. I also told him about my grandfather, who I miss very much, but that he was still in my heart and I could never, ever forget him. I told him that he’d get to meet that amazing man, who I had loved so much and that he wouldn’t be alone if he had to go and wait for us.

If I could change anything, I would simply add those things. It just feels more complete with an answer…


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