Spending Minutes


Daily Prompt: Alma Mater

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. Draft the speech.

I really touched base on the path of life when I posted ‘Dear Stranger’ a few weeks back, but as I reflected on this prompt, I felt that there was something I could add.

Pay attention to time. Be aware of what you do with it. It’s going to go by fast, really fast. Like a comet streaking through the night air, we burn bright for a short while before fading away. Fill your time with what’s important to you. Spend your minutes with people you love and plan your days doing what you enjoy. There are many things we do out of necessity, like sitting in traffic so that you can get to that job you don’t really like because you have to pay those bills. Within the frame of unlikeable necessities, look for something good. Listen to enriching music while you sit in traffic and make friends at that job. It’s important to know what to do to improve a bad situation, otherwise that situation will just stay bad and you will only view it as a frustrating waste of precious time.

Your minutes are important. Spend them wisely.



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