A Day in My Life: Easter Sunday

I enjoy visiting The Daily Post for inspiration when blogging. They always have great prompts for writing or photography challenges. I found a challenge a few days ago entitled “A Day in My Life”. The concept was to take photographs throughout the day and then post it as a collage. It sounded like a really fun thing to do, and after creating this one, I’m considering doing it every week. I think it’d be an interesting challenge, to see what I photograph, even if we don’t do anything more than errands and playdates.

I decided to try my hand with this particular project on Easter Sunday. My entire family came down with strep throat the day before, so unfortunately, we were secluded from civilization for the first 24 hours after starting the antibiotics. That meant missing a church service I’d really been looking forward to attending. My Easter collage just doesn’t quite seem the same without a photograph from Discovery Church. Admittedly, I was disappointed in the change of plans, but the day turned out quite beautiful. The weather was perfectly mild and we enjoyed an afternoon with our family.

The night was a late one for us, so this post is about 12 hours later than I’d wanted to get it up. Better late than never, though. So without further ado, I present to you: Yesterday’s ‘Day in My Life’.

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