Uncle Charlies

I usually love mornings, especially the mornings when I wake up before everybody else. There is something secretive about tiptoeing down the creaky stairs, strategically placing my toes on the quiet spots. The smell of the coffee as it brews in the pot, the warmth of the sunlight as it shimmers across the floor and graces my slippered feet, the joyful chirping of the birds right outside the window. As a stay-at-home mom, my days are typically so full of busyness and noise, that these quietly stolen mornings are often my favorite way to greet the day.

Today was more on the boisterous side, but it was an exciting morning and Imagedefinitely one of my favorite days. It was spontaneous and only comes once a year, for today was my birthday. The boys came into the room with handcrafted cards, drawn with colorfully crooked rainbows and jagged little hearts, perfect in their child-like imperfections. They were so excited to turn over these sweet surprises that they’d been working on since they’d woken up.

My husband took the morning off to spend the day home. Having been sick over the passed week, and still slightly battling this awful cold, it was a much needed break and a very thoughtful surprise.

The idea of a good restful day enticed me, but I decided that I really wanted to start the day off with a hearty breakfast.

I always loved going out to breakfast. When I was in high school and college, I used to frequent a place in my hometown called The Breakfast Nook. The food was inexpensive but always good. It was this charming little building, squeezed in-between a string of buildings on Cranberry Highway. It was one of those places you wouldn’t think would be popular, and yet it was usually busy. On the weekends, it was the kind of place that you had to hang around, waiting for a table, but the wait was always worth it.


Uncle Charlies was like a nostalgic trip back home again. As soon as I walked in the door, I was hit with a sensory breakfast. The smells of sweet syrup and hot coffee hung heavy in the air, sounds of eggs frying and bacon sizzling, my mouth was watering before I even sat down. Their menu was extensive and the decision-making process was a long one. I finally settled on a breakfast wrap, which came to me crammed full of bacon, eggs and cheese and served with homefries. The kids were thrilled over their Mickey Mouse pancakes and my husband got a fully-loaded breakfast (pancakes, eggs, ham, english muffin…). My breakfast was amazing, and I tried a bite of the ham and some of the buttermilk pancakes, which were delicious. The staff was friendly and my coffee cup was continuously filled with fresh coffee. It was just the kind of place I needed today and I’m glad we all went out to try it together.

A happy memory made at Uncle Charlies, the best way to start my birthday.


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