Discovery Church, my second home


That one word is what can make all the difference when it’s present in your life. You may need it to help cope because you just lost your job or are going through a divorce. It could be what helps you put in the good fight for a serious illness. It could give you the will to break an addiction, the courage to get out of a bad relationship, or the strength to face the loss of someone you loved. You may also be looking for it just to get through the daily struggles. Let’s face it; no matter where you are on the path, life can be difficult. In varying degrees of difficulty, perhaps, but we are all facing our challenges in some form or another.

Regardless of why you need it, hope is a strong and powerful word and sometimes it can be the only flame a person has to light a world that’s truly dark. I went looking for hope when I needed something to get through everyday living. I was looking to bring balance and peace in my life, for guidance when I seemed unsure about my course.

Six years ago, Pastor Chris Willis left his life in Texas to come to Boston on a mission. His hope was to create a church that would ultimately reach out and save the lost.

ImageThere were those that doubted him, wondering why he’d leave his life behind to preach to people that seemed unreachable. I’m glad he followed through though, because one day, I found Discovery Church. In the walls of that building, I found the hope I’d been searching for and I grew a stronger faith than I’d ever known.

It was that hope and that faith that inevitably changed my heart. I can honestly say that my life would not be the same today if I hadn’t walked through those doors three years ago.


It was the core of the church that really brought me back to God.


They have this sense of camaraderie, that we are all in this together and not one of us is ever really walking this journey alone. The pastors work diligently to prepare practical messages that are always just what we need to hear, teaching us ways to work on who we are as Christians, to be what God has called us to be. As for the band, I can’t sing enough praises about them. They put in so much hard work, getting it all together for Sunday mornings, and every week, they rock the roof. Discovery Kidz is a great program for the children and 2:twenty makes real investments in the time of the teenage congregation. Connection groups are a great way to get together between Sunday services, to grow in fellowship and encourage one another. The energy and the atmosphere drew me in and has kept me coming back for years. The friendships I’ve made are irreplaceable and the family I’ve gained is a true gift. It is like no other church I have ever known and really, it’s just a place that you have to experience.

Typically I avoid two types of discussions: politics and religion. But I felt driven to write a piece on Discovery, because it isn’t really just about the religion part. Sure, we’re Christians. We believe in one God and we believe that Jesus is our savior. The end result, though, is for us to gain the desire to be good people, people who live following the humble footsteps of a good teacher. So if you’re looking for hope, faith, love, or even a greater purpose, sometimes the local church is a good place to start.

I chose to open up and expose this part of my life, not to debate my beliefs, but just to share how it’s changed me personally. One of my friends said once, ‘If I die and this is all a big lie, at least I lived a good life.’ So I’ve lost nothing by investing time in good virtues. As for this post, I just had to share it because I never know who needs to hear it. Even if one person is changed because I took the time to reach out, then it matters. It’s up to me to share with the world what I’ve gained. It’s encouragement for believers and possible salvation for the seekers, for I never know who will be saved because I took this moment to share my heart.


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