Lego Mania


My oldest son is an avid Lego kid. His largest themed collection is currently Ninjago, but he loves any and all types of those building blocks. From the huge square flat piece to the smaller-than-your-pinky-nail pieces, he will follow the instruction books down to the minute detail and emerge from his room with an incredibly built work of art.

I’ll admit it; I am always impressed when he finishes the latest project. Before he starts I’ll look at the box and all the pieces, with momentary doubt in my heart, assuming that he’ll shout for one of us to help him figure it out. Then he does it all on his own. Every time.His school offers some great enrichment programs, one of which was all about Legos. He was so excited about it, and he would ask me everyday if I’d gotten a notice about the Lego Club. It wasn’t until they started that we found out the age group was for first grade and up. My kindergartner was crestfallen. Try explaining to a 6-year-old Lego maniac, who can follow all the directions perfectly, why he couldn’t sign up.I suppose I could have made him wait until next year but I refused to accept that he couldn’t be a part of something so cool. Even I wanted to join! After doing a little research, I found out that one of the local libraries was starting their own Lego Club. It was completely free of charge and Noah fell into the age range. We were both so excited for his first meeting!

The basic concept was for the kids to create something that went along with a general theme. One meeting they were instructed to build something that represented the jungle. Another meeting, they laid out architectural books and said to build tall. At the latest meeting, they let the kids build whatever they wanted. For one hour, the kids get their minds and fingers in a frenzy, working on their projects. When they finish, the library then puts them on display, with their names & ages on cards in front of their work.

All of Noah’s sets are above his age range and he still gets his brain working, figuring out exactly where they are telling him the piece should go. I’ve looked at some of those pages and, in all honesty here, I’ve been frustrated myself, but never Noah. He’ll just work away with this outstanding amount of patience. As proud as I am of his commitment to a task, it was even better to see him follow a theme. Using no direction, just pure imagination and some creativity, he would come up with these unique creations.
Sometimes he lets me help and I feel rather special, sitting on the floor, sorting through bins to find the pieces he’s looking for. I try not to let my OCD take over and hand him all the same shape or color. I think the Eiffel Tower should be all grey pieces but clearly, that’s just me. 😉
In the end, it’s always an amazing (and colorful) work of art, crafted by a very talented little artist.


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