Backyard Sunrise
This morning I woke to the rays of the sun shining brightly over the last mounds of snow in our backyard. The mild winter season was brought to an abrupt halt when a blizzard dropped record-breaking snow fall on our town. Some people were snowed in, many others had lost power. Eventually the green grass emerged and graced us with its presence. For precisely one week, we were convinced that winter was over. Then another storm dumped an unexpected two feet of fluffy whiteness and the promise of warmth was quickly extinguished.
Though winter is a hard season for me, I do enjoy the snow. When it first falls, it’s absolutely peaceful. Snowflakes, in all their tiny perfection, just falling slowly from the sky. I love how it gently reminds me that there should be no rush. Each snowflake takes its time floating to the ground and eventually it will get to where it’s going. Half-way through the winter, though, I forget the leisure trek of the snowflake and start rushing thoughts of spring.
Spring. Glorious and warm, I can feel it right around the corner. For me, it has been the greatest season for beginnings, for bursting forth from a bleak and seemingly endless winter into something new and refreshing. Crocuses were always my favorite spring flower, sprouting out of the cold ground and exploding forth with color. No matter how harsh the season, they always push through it to become something beautiful.
As a season that I believe symbolizes a fresh start, I’m riding its coat tails and have decided to start this blog. I’ve realized that a season of my own life will be coming to a close soon. It feels like a good time to begin something new and to take on an entirely different challenge. So I’m taking on a blog, sharing my
love of photography and writing with the rest of the world. One day, I’ll be a photojournalist and I’ll travel to places I’ve only seen in magazines. Right now, I have the opportunity to start slow, to be like the snowflake that gently falls to the Earth. To grow and learn while doing what I love will be my purpose.
I don’t have to wait to start pursuing my dreams, I can start now, even if it’s in the smallest degree. For now, I plan to start right here.
For now, this place will be enough.

One response to “Beginnings

  1. Love your photography and your thoughts! Miss you guys …. aching for spring too. I have one lone crocus bravely parading in the front yard and the tips of the tiger lilies are poking up along the fence ….

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